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Grainhouse Catering


The Grainhouse Bakery and Café understand the importance of great food to accompany all types of gatherings. Food can be the ice breaker for a new friendship, a comfort for the soul, or even the inspiration for a future adventure. No matter how big or small your catering needs are, The Grainhouse Bakery and Café have the perfect product selection waiting for you to delight in.

Baked daily on our premises, our baguettes are filled with premium ingredients, cut and presented on platters ready for you to enjoy. We also make a large selection of sandwiches, wraps, focaccias and salads all with the freshest produce available. The Chicken Delight and Continental platters are served cold and include succulent meat and quality ingredients.

If you require hot food, try our Cocktail pastry platter which is made with a selection of The Grainhouse Bakery’s favourites, or the Savoury platter which is served with Mediterranean meatballs and seasoned wedges.

For those who appreciate cheese, our cheese platters showcase a selection of hand-picked gourmet cheeses which are matched with nuts, dried fruits and crackers.

Made in the bakery, our homestyle perfecto pizza platter is baked with a generous amount of toppings and flavour.

For a sweet option, our Fresh and fruity platter bursts with juicy seasonal fruits and, indulge yourself and others with our beautifully presented bite size treats and delights Cake platter.